About Us

The Wickertree Langley is British Columbia’s largest retailer of indoor and outdoor patio furniture, offering the largest selection of quality furnishings, home decor, fabrics, carpets, accessories, and even fire tables. We also specialize in custom-order fabrics or using your own decorator fabrics for your unique style. Wherever you are in the world, ask us for factory direct shipping or in-home delivery.

We are a technical design company at the forefront of construction and development. Out team of designers, engineers and innovators are passionate about creating functional, precision furniture for outdoor living. Traveling the world, we collaborate with leading designers and discover the latest materials and technology. Our success is a testament of our unique culture, dedication, strong innovation pipeline and our passion for design and construction.

Our brand and collections encapsulate a lifestyle that truly celebrates outdoor living. When we design our products we draw inspiration from our natural surroundings, cultural experiences and the latest design trends. The result is the creation of innovative, yet timeless pieces, that withstand all that nature has to offer.

Our History

We have been a family-owned and family-operated business based in Canada since 1976. Visit us at any of our 3 store locations throughout the province in Langley, Victoria, and Duncan.


  • Consistently outstanding product quality.
  • Exceptional customer service throughout all of our stores.
  • Acting with integrity and transparency.
  • Passion for furniture and home decor.
  • Meeting each customer’s specific and unique needs.


It is our goal to continue to provide British Columbia with the most extensive collection of high quality indoor furniture and outdoor patio furniture, meeting the decorating, design and comfort needs of all of our customers via excellence in quality, style and service.

We care about everyone with whom we interact at The Wickertree and we conduct ourselves with integrity, honesty, work ethic, respect and professionalism.